Copernicus Center Lecture 2012

2012 Copernicus Center Lecture, "On the nature of cosmology today," will be delivered by George F. R. Ellis. He is a cosmologist, mathematician, philosopher of science as well as researcher of the relationship between science and religion, currently Emeritus Distinguished Professor of Complex Systems in the Department of Mathematics at the University of Cape Town in South Africa.

Copernicus Center Lecture 2012 will be held on the first day of the Conference in the Aula of the Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences, Sławkowska Str. 17, Kraków.

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There is no fee or registration required to attend both the Conference and the Copernicus Center Lecture 2012.

The organizers do not provide accommodation for participants who were not invited. However, there are several options for a stay-over in Kraków. Budget options include hostels (you can find more information at Upper range options include many hotels located in the city centre (we recommend booking the hotel via

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